About Pikaboo

 Hola! Welcome to Pikaboo - the one stop fashion destination for your little stars! Let me introduce you to Pikaboo and tell you who we are. 

Pikaboo is a stylish,pretty and trendy fashion brand that was born out of a deeply personal experience - I myself became a mother to a darling daughter and felt the need for a good fashion brand for her. This drives the core of my business at Pikaboo - it's a personalized, personal store that exudes the human touch, and has my personality etched onto all of its aspects.

At Pikaboo, we don't try to dress children for routine days. One comes to Pikaboo when there is a special occasion - a party, a photoshoot or just a mother's whim to make her baby look snazzy and cute!
Pikaboo, being a boutique, has a powerful organic personality. It is not a machine run on systems and rules - it's a personal experience. Everything on Pikaboo is hand picked, and hard to find anywhere else. Pikaboo's products are not random, and one glance at the store's offerings makes apparent, a certain consistent taste. All Pikaboo products are curated and picked by me exclusively because I loved them.
We, at Pikaboo, really hope that you enjoy purchasing and using our products as much as we enjoyed discovering them for you!
Thanks and much love,
Vertika Pant