READING STORIES Is Possibly The Soundest Food For Your Child's Inquisitive Mind


Bedtime is conceivably the conforming time to read out stories.


  • Pick out books which have short stories, which take about 10 to 15 minutes, to finish reading. You should read out little and then go on to describing to your child what you have just read. This would assure that your child keeps interest in the story and follows it as well when it is being read.
  • Kids prefer being dramatic. They absorb faster that way. Don’t read every line with the same passion. Add commas, interjections, surprise, anger and all varieties of emotions in your tone. For example, while reading beauty & the beast, to your kid, don’t give a delicate voice for both the princess & the beast. Articulate being scary, while reading the words of the beast and sound tender, while reading the lines of the princess. Include actions for more impact.
  • If the book you select has actors, choose a character for yourself, your kid & your husband. Read your own parts. This will help your child to develop interactive skills and enhance their vocabulary also.
  • Choose stories which have morals. This is the age when you explain them good habits and good manners.
  • Trick them, making the stories appear more educative. Don’t read only fairy-tales to a girl & only superman fantasies to a boy. Let them decide their genre of curiosity. Pull out books without any gender bias.
  • You formulate an impromptu story and ask your child to proceed from there. This not only appears fun but will help broaden their vision. Let their imagination run wild!
  • Use books with a lot of photographs. This will arouse more interest. Images encourage the kids in imagining what is being described in words.
  • Choose to read simple stories with a pleasant ending and tales that are a delight to read. Try not to read any emotional stories to your kids.

Let your little ones sleep contentedly with wonderful dreams.

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  • Isha Sehgal
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