Perks of Mandalas For The Young Minds


Mandalas are nothing but geometrical patterns. These patterns are usually circular in shape. They have the power to make us focus on anything and everything, elevating our minds. Scribbling these patterns have proved to be a serious business for a lot of people. For kids, it proves to be a great stress buster, helping them come into a state of meditation.Circular Geometric Mandala Pattern

Mandalas are everywhere. Our whole body is a mandala. To fill beautiful colors in a mandala pattern takes roughly 30 to 50 minutes. This becomes a stress-free activity and acts as a therapy for these young souls. Experimenting with these patterns is a buzz among the kids and also the latest trend. I personally feel, coloring these patterns is an added bonus to more fundamental fun, much like a manna from heaven.

Coloring these patterns will help your kids transport to a faraway world, helping them unwind a lot of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and values. It sure will enhance their vision and fine-tune their motor skills, making their brain come into action. This will keep them in the present moment and make them more mindful.

Introducing your kids to these contradistinctive mandala patterns can do wonders for them in creating their own visuals and learning something new. There are many kids who prefer having these patterns printed on their clothes for a glittering trendsetter statement. 

Let your kids make the best version of themselves, play with different shapes that feel right for them.

Now all that is left is to actually do it!

What are you waiting for?

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  • Isha Sehgal
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