How to make the 1st Birthday of your kid interesting.


Thinking of celebrating your child’s first birthday on a grand scale & throw a huge party? Read through the below tips to make sure your little one & her friends have a blast.

1st Birthday of a child is one of the most awaited moment in a parents life, Since it is the completion of 365 days of sleepless nights! 

To get things started for the birthday here are the 5 things which you should focus on.

1. Choose a Theme 

Carefully choose a theme based on the venue & ambiance you want to create

1. Dora Theme 

Dora theme


2. Princess Theme

Princess theme


3. Mermaid Theme

Mermaid Theme

4.Mickey Mouse Theme

Mickey Mouse Theme

5. Mini Mouse Theme

Mini Mouse

6. Bumble Bee Theme

Bumble Bee Theme


2. Select Good Invitation Cards

Unlike the popular belief , People always judge the book by its cover. So get your invitations right. 
You can create cool & adorable birthday invitations by stepping into any Craft shops like Itsy Bitsy & buy theme based invites available there.

Some good examples are Mermaid themed card, Ice Cream shaped cards etc



3. Plan your Decor accordingly

Decorating the venue is an important factor in setting your ambiance. A good ambiance is a key part in keeping the mood of your guests happy & fun. 


Theme based Decoration to the venue


4. Cakes

Your Cake is the King of the party. The bigger the better. There are many brilliant cake makers in the market who can bake cakes for you according to your theme & taste. Try getting a cake made which is in relative to your theme. 

 Cup Cakes

Cup cakes are the new trend. People love seeing something new/different stuff. Cup Cakes could be a good way to create a stand-out party. People will talk about the birthday party even after months.

If you want to stick to the conventional method then getting custom cake according to the theme will do good.

Custom Cake


You can get some custom cakes made from here &

5. Dresses & Accessories

The Dress & the Attire which your kid wears is really important since you'll cherish the birthday photos for the rest of your life. Hence it's really important to Dress to Impress :)
You could check some of the best dresses for your kids on Pikaboo - A portal designed specifically for kids wear.

Some of the dresses are


 Click Here to check out all the Dresses. 


Click Here to check out all the Accessories

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