Evolving Trends In Kids Fashion


Fashion involves wearing stylish clothes, having perfectly combed hair, good manners, user habits, etc. Talking about clothes, in particular, they mark out an individual's status. The craze for apparel fashion is high amongst young kids all over the world.

Speaking of kid's fashion, it is very much on the rise. Fashion now is not just a time to stock up stuff but also a medium for expression. Kids very well express through their fashion statement nowadays. Different fashion quotients have now become their red carpet. They are more aware of the latest trends than their parents and ever before. There has been a tremendous change in fashion for kids since the ancient period. These toddlers try to present themselves in the most attractive dress appropriate for any occasion.

Earlier kids used to confide in their parent's preferences. Whatever their parents would fancy, kids usually used to wear that. But now kids necessitate outfits that are both stylish and working to hold up to their current lifestyle. With them, it's all about ease. Gone are those days when fashion was limited to adults only. Now children's fashion has graced a fairly significant part of the Indian Markets.

These days parents favor branded outfits for their young ones, presumably because of much better quality and also of their developing inclination towards the western lifestyle. Attires like dungarees, shorts are forever seen in fashion since long. Rating the present times, options like tutu skirts, cropped trousers, jumpsuits, short skirts, tops with different necklines are in trend. Kids prefer prints like the animal prints, floral prints, polka dots, the mandala patterns and the pirate patterns on their outfits. 

There is also an increasing demand for formal and the casual kind of attires in kids fashion. Elegant indo-western outfits add a lot of sparkle to the little stunner's casket. They prefer the desi look but with a little western touch to it. These kids are very little but their ideas concerning their own style are very big. Their budding style computation is more of their state of independence, trendy yet comfortable.

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  • Isha Sehgal
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