Different room decor ideas for kids


Decorating our homes is an important process. It allows us to express who we are, what it is we love and surround ourselves with things that make us happy and inspire us. It’s the things we put in our home that turn it into our “home sweet home”. This is not only true for us as adults, but for our children as well. That’s right, decorating your child’s bedroom can be a huge factor in helping to raise their self-esteem, overall confidence and sense of connection and belonging. In fact, by building a room around a child’s specific character, as well as their likes, interests and the things they love, you are saying to them: “You matter. Your voice matters. Who you are matters”.

Decorating your child’s room has an impact on their growth and development, and as they grow, they will remember the fond memories of their space and have the confidence to know that they are supported as they learn more about themselves, their likes, interests and character. Kids rooms are a special space to be honoured in a home!

Here are some of the different types of décor rooms for your kids :

  • Favourites : This type of design emphasizes more on what your kids love and adore the most. It could be a superhero like “Logan” or the toys that makes them happy. The contrast between red and purple gives it a welcoming look.



  • Space zone : If your kid is highly interested about the elements of space , then this theme suits you the best. All the celestial bodies , stars, the moon, spaceships, a rocket are well placed on the blue walls along with the blankets too. Probably , this might dig his interest more towards it.



  • Birds love : This theme is pleasantly beautiful with a sky blue shade on its walls and the bed while the cot and the floor is in white. The room is lit with the designs of butterflies and birds all over the walls and blankets. It gives a soothing feel to your young ones.


  • Book worm : Suppose if your kid is really into reading books and stuffs, then probably going with this theme is a better option. Along with different shades of blue used over the walls and bed, the shelves are hanged onto the walls which helps to store books and magazines.



  • Fishing buddy : This theme emphasizes on the fishing journey between a father and a son. Keeping all the things near which you do on a daily basis develops a personality within oneself. The green contrast to the blue patterns is all that makes it look cute.



  • As warm as yellow : This theme gives you the warm look to the room. Majority of it is in yellow shade. You can have a small table for your kids to have their food or write something on it. The racks can be used to store their toys and clothes safely. And the windows are covered with netted curtains which scatters the sun rays all over forming patterns.


Airways : You could design your kid’s room as this if they are  in love with air travellings. The navy blue colour palette used suits well with the theme and the printed designs of aeroplanes are on blankets, bed and the walls. This sort of uplifts his personal interest towards travelling.


Waterways : This theme portrays the interest towards travelling through water bodies. The shark beneath the water level and the ship above is painted over the wall and other accessories are all made up of shades of blue.


  • Rainbow colors : The walls in yellow consists of different colored flowers printed onto it. Correspondingly the bed and blankets are in rainbow colors. This theme is too cute to be overlooked. It kind of relaxes the minds of your young ones and always keep them intact.


Cyclist : The interior designs of this theme represents the interest of  a person towards cycling. It tells more of his/ her personality without even trying to communicate. Any kind of sporting always keeps you energetic and fit to face the world. Probably this theme might enhance these thoughts of your little one’s mind.



What kind of themes are you planning for your kid's room?









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