Colour Psychology Of Kids


Colors represent an important part in the psychical growth of little kids. A big part of a child's nature and character can be due to the colors you open them too. It’s been explained that several colors have influences on our mood. Colors can control our feelings, sentiments, and activities. Children absorb color effortlessly and prefer to work with them creatively. Their association with different colors help them focus on their tasks and keeps their activities going.

Ever since my existence, I had always thought and had been under the impression that colors are just colors. Never ever! Not even in the most colorful of my dreams had I known that each and every color has a deep-seated meaning attached to it. Colors are a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are known to have some energy and frequency in them. Colour influences the mood of adults and their young ones. Color psychology and its impression on a child’s knowledge capacities and performance is a much-researched topic.

The color blue lessens the blood pressure. Acknowledgments to orange, red and yellow are somewhat the same. Stability to violet color is equivalent to blue. The responses to the warmth of the color are a different focus. Warm colors can lighten one child but may excite others. Moreover, cool colors might incite one and unwind the other. One shade of pink can be pacifying, another can be arousing. Blue-violet may be a mystical and pure color, but to some groups of college students, Blue-violet provoked responses of fatigue and sadness. These students also found a shade called “cool green” as infuriating and confusing.

Let us now study how different colors can impact learning and memory in kids.


Blue enhances creativity and stimulates a cool and relaxing environment for the kids. Blue color always tops the list for boys. It has its connections with the ability to taste and smell, might act as an appetite suppressant. It is the safest color to use. Surprisingly, blue is for a baby girl in Belgium. It should not be used in excess as it can invoke feelings of sorrow. Combining the color blue with any other color will produce a creative effect without a doubt.


Red is the color of passion. It also portrays strong feelings of threat and love. In school rooms, it can be used in combination with other colors as it can help in detail-oriented or repetitive tasks for the kids. it is the first color after white and black. A bit of red color goes a long way.


This is the color of sunshine for children. It is a color of mind and deep intellect. Yellow catches everyone's attention and is ideal for use in kids’ rooms, study rooms, and their play areas. If overused it can make the children feel stressed. The most visible color out of all. Yellow, never a dirty fellow.


The color of abundance can relax and contribute to better health of kids. This color stands purely for balance and growth amongst kids.


This is a calming color. It can lower the heart rate level. It is more or less termed as a silly girlish color. The western and eastern zones saw it as a feminine color. In Belgium, boys prefer wearing baby pink.


This color ideal for kids as it is attention-grabbing. This color purple defines imagination and is the best suited and preferred pop by the kids. The Japanese feel it is a color of privilege.


Many educational institutes use this color as it enhances critical thinking and memory for the kids and young generation. Test rooms in this color are known to enhance performance in exams. The young ones are drawn to this color. If mixed with the black color, it surely gives a Halloween touch for the kids.


Colour black tends to keep the things hidden from the entire world. Girls love black as it defines mystery and gives more appeal. Black is regarded as a color of young boys in China.


The white color is for perfection. Also, a symbol of purity, innocence, and completion. In Thailand, white symbolizes Buddhism. Kids love to spoil white colored clothes more. Also, the white color appears like a canvas for these young artists and brings out the best in them.

Color Matters to Kids!

It is a very subjective thing. The Psychology attached to it will always be a fascinating topic for the young minds to talk about.




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