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In this roller coaster ride called ‘LIFE’, Children’s birthday parties are an amazing time to bond and spend quality time with your little one. More so, when you have party games there is going to be no lack of fun and excitement. Children 5 and above would be able to enjoy the games more but not to worry even toddlers too would get the hang of these simple games in a jiffy.

Passing The Parcel

This traditional simple game can be played anywhere even in a small place. All you need is a colorful box. The children can be made to sit in a circle and you could play some nice kids music... As the music stops whoever is clutching the box moves outside the circle. Stop the music in about less than a minute, as the longer the passing the kids can tend to get bored. Toddlers too can be included in this; keep some nice candies handy to make them smile as they come out of the circle. Bigger children can be given some small gifts like a small puzzle or a book as they come out. (This can also be their return gift). The game goes on till one person remains in the circle and he/she is the winner. The winner of course gets a bigger goody.


The Chocolate Game

This unique and fun game is suitable for kids aged 5 and above. You can keep a huge bar of chocolate in the middle and the kids sit around the treat. (Chocolate, could also be substituted with healthier versions like some fruit kebabs with yoghurt dip; yoghurt popsicles like the kind) the children are given a dice and each of them are asked to roll it. The person who gets a six is given a hat; if a boy and scarf; if a girl and they move forward and eat the treat with a fork and spoon. Once the next person gets a six the person eating stops; hands over the hat/scarf and starts eating. You can set a time limit for the game and the person who gets to eat the longest is the winner.


Sleeping lions

This is again another fun game where all the kids at the party act like cute little sleeping lion cubs, lying on the floor with eyes closed. An adult walks around them, cracking jokes and telling very funny stories. The kids have to remain still without fidgeting or laughing through the process. Any lion cub found moving; is out and the one which stays still till the end is the winner.

Grandma’s Footsteps

This one is a fun game which can be played by children of all age groups. One kid is chosen to play ‘grandma’. The rest of the children are lined up against the wall. ‘Grandma’ stands at the farther end, with her back to the kids. The other kids creep towards grandma, who is allowed to around anytime. If she spots anyone moving when ‘Granny’ turns; the kid is asked to step back to the wall. This continues, till somebody manages to creep behind FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY GAME IDEAS ‘grandma’ and tap on her shoulder. He becomes the winner and if you are continuing the game he /she are the next ‘Grandmother’.

Tailing the Donkey

This is one of the most common games played at almost all birthdays. All you need is a makeshift board and a chalk. You can draw a donkey without tail on the board. The kids, come to the board blindfolded one by one and are given the liberty of drawing dear donkey’s tail on his back. The game gets real funny with the kids tailing poor donkey all over him. The one who draws, the tail correctly or almost correctly is the winner

So, these are some of the fun birthday party game ideas that we listed out for you.

Also, do not forget to share your best experience of birthday games. What's more, the best suggestion will get a surprise freebie exclusively from PIKABOO.

So bring it on...and wait for us to publish your birthday game here.

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