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Craft was always a hobby, just like book reading, dancing, baking, cooking, movies, get the idea!!

Before kids, we enjoy various things which all take a back seat post them. Club that with a busy work schedule, and you are left with a frustrated person who needs to vent out steam regularly like an ever full pressure cooker. 

To avoid that, I make sure that I devote a certain amount of time every week to something I love. Like, right now I am spending my time writing about something I enjoyed doing and enjoying the time I am spending in writing about it <evil laugh>

So, there was a time when I wanted to craft something. I needed something that was quick and easy to finish before my toddler lost patience. And let me tell you, the best place for crafty tricks is Pinterest. 

For those of us, who are not regular crafters and always out of materials, there are plenty of ideas on the web. So, I picked out cardboard box crafts. 

One amazing thing that you can make out of your kids' toys boxes are these hand bags

I will try to take a picture of the thing that I made and post it later on.

But, these are so simple to make. It took me about half an hour to make. I just had to break down one of my necklaces but then rest of things were all so basic. We all have some gift wraps at home that we can use here. Beads are easy to get as well. The pipe cleaners can be substituted with some wool as well. And an amazing cardboard basket is ready!! Little T was so happy to trot around with this little basket in her arms, filling it up with trinkets and what not!

And the biggest advantage of crafting is that you can always handover some glue and waste papers to the little crafter and get an easy half an hour from them for your own crafty adventure :-)

For the complete tutorial and templates, you can go to this link:


Happy crafting this weekend!!

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