5 Minute Hairstyles Using Pikaboo Accessories


Isn't it an undeniable fact that a girls' prime discovered love is FASHION? All the mothers love to collect everything in fashion for their little divas. These little divas decked in gorgeous outfits copulated with popular accessories gives us an end number of goals for the future. In my opinion, the number of styles these little damsels can don has gone up manifold as compared to a few years back. We have compiled videos of 4 easy hairdos for little girls that can help your girl make her own fashion statement!

Nevertheless, before we hop on to watch the videos, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind while styling your kid’s hair. Considering girls have sensitive hair and scalp, the hair grooming products bearing harmful chemicals should not be used. As far as possible, go for natural options. If utterly important, go for heat styling techniques utilizing products that are not damaging to your kid. Double check the label for unhealthy elements and make sure they’re kid-friendly before applying them on your little girl. Moreover, the hair brushes and combs have to be light so as to prevent damage of hair and discomfort to your little one. Now that we’ve listed out the careful meters, we can check out what hairstyles your girl can wear.

Upside Down Braided Bun Hairdo

A more conventional hairstyle for your little girl. This hairdo has a braided bun at the back of the head. It is quick and easy to make. This no-fuss hairdo also lets your girl enjoy without bothering about getting hair on her face or eyes. Put a little braid into her hair and then take it around back to finish off with a Bun. Also, decorate this hairstyle with Pikaboo Hair Accessories (red tiny claw hair clips). This is a little intricate hairstyle but full of fun. These are a go-to fashion for baby girls. This style can be made in less than 5 minutes. Grab the details in this video.

What You Require:

  • Fine Comb
  • Rubber Bands
  • Small hair elastics
  • U pins and bobby pins
  • Tiny claw hair clips


Turban Style Hairdo

Check out the best approach to make a simple Turban Hairstyle using Pikaboo hair accessories (multi-coloured rubber bands). This an easy way how moms and their baby girls can both get together to try this technique. The turban assortment is fancy and hassle-free. Work it with colorful rubber bands to make it more appealing! This hairdo is suitable for summertime drives. This style can be made in less than 5 minutes.

What You Require:

  • Fine Comb
  • Multicolored Rubber Bands


Micro Braided Half Bow Tied Hairdo

This is a very cute hairdo for your little girl. A few micro braids from each side of the head creating a half-tie at the back of the head. Check out the best approach to make this simple hairstyle using Pikaboo hair accessories (multicolored rubber bands & a pink sequenced bow alligator hair clip). Perfect for events like a daytime birthday party, this hairstyle can be matched up with an attractive dress for the perfect look.

What You Require:

  • Fine Comb
  • Multicolored Small hair elastics
  • Sequenced bow alligator hair clip


Twister Technique Hairdo

Capture the Twister Look branding Pikaboo Rubber Bands & Glittering Bows. You just need to twist some hair in the front of your head and pin up at the backside. Twist Hairstyles are awesome for medium or long hair and good thing of this style is it's easy and fast to do and you can do it yourself.

What You Require:

  • Classic Comb
  • Small hair elastics
  • Sequenced bow alligator hair clip


Note: Before trying out any of the hairstyles, make sure you shampoo your little girl’s hair and let it air-dry. Also, comb through to separate any knots. This will guarantee that the hairdo will stay settled for a prolonged time.


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  • Isha Sehgal
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