Infants' swimming Classes - Things you should know


'This can be your little one who has just learned to walk or is yet to learn to walk' - Is this what you dream of when you hear about infants' swimming classes? If yes, let me break the illusion. It is very far from the truth.


This describes it better. This is how it will be for the most of your first many sessions of the famous infant's swimming classes. 

Now, let me set the record straight. This post is not at all discouraging parents in any manner from enrolling their infants (who are not yet old enough to be a part of almost any other activity classes) for these classes. I would rather encourage them as these classes are nothing if not fun. Very enjoyable and very tiring. 

I don't know whether you got the right idea from the picture or not, but the parent has to support the baby - Throughout! So if you have a baby that is a little...ahem...underweight...the classes might be a little easier for you. Well, that is not true for my little darling! She might not be so happy if she reads this in a few years from now, but it is true. She lies on the higher side of the weight - height graphs that our paediatrician has given us, and these classes prove her right. But that does not mean that I am not enjoying the swim time with her. It just means that I enjoy it more when her father is the one supporting her :-)

So, the point is, be prepared for some heavy weight lifting. Be prepared for achy arms if your baby is a little older or weighing above average. And the sooner you enrol them, the better it is. The easier they will be to handle. And really, do not worry about enrolling them too soon. Any time after 7-8 months should be fine. Probably sooner too, you need to discuss that with your coaches.

Now, your infant is not exactly going to become a swimmer. Not anytime soon atleast. Probably the first few months they will be able to learn to float and maybe later even glide. But swimming is a far away thing right now. 

So, go with an intention to enjoy some relaxing time with your little one. Without any expectations. 

Food - A hour before the class, give your baby something light to eat. Nothing heavy on the stomach. Pack something for immediately after the class. The coach told us to pack for the baby. I pack for myself too. Because after the workout I get by carrying her and playing with her in the water for half an hour, I am probably just as hungry as she is. Though, I have not seen her doing anything so far that should make her hungry!! Apart from being in the water, I mean :-) 

So pack enough food, for yourself and the baby. Because little T eats well soon after the class, which is a good thing. 

Lastly, I will give you a list of things you will need for the classes - 

  1. Swimming diapers for the baby (2 is enough)
  2. Swimming costume for the baby
  3. Swimming dress for yourself and anyone who plans to get into the water with the baby
  4. Towels

I think, that is all and you are good! 

So gear up, get ready for some thoroughly tiringly enjoyable times with the infants' swimming classes!



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