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I remember the 1st birthday party I organized for my bratty daughter. I remember all the details of it, the love I had put in each little piece of planning, but what I would like to forget is the struggle of finding the perfect dress first, and then the shoes to go with it and then hair accessories. After all, my daughter was the star of the party and none of the detailing would make sense to the mother in me until my search was successfully over. 

So, I surveyed more than just a couple of stores. The Mission Perfect Look was draining me emotionally. What if I don't find anything close to what I visualize my darling princess in, each night!! The dread was closing in on me. "Bhaiya, do you have this same design in dark pink or light pink?". And the answer usually was "No Madam." The birthday party was a princess themed one so I HAD to have a princess pink. And then at one of the famous, popular stores, there was a dress, waiting for me to run and grab. But alas! The size was not available.

I was a determined mother. I called up all their branches in the city. Hell, I would have called up all their branches in the nation if required. But fortunately, my phone bill was saved up as I got the correct size in another store in the same city, about 10 kilometres away! I rushed over, booked it, took my daughter for measurements and bought it. I was a happy mom, but for the accessories. 

What is a perfect dress without great accessories? I say, you can make up for a less than perfect dress with awesome accessories. And here the sad part comes, I could not get the shoes! I know all you mothers can understand what I must have gone through at that point in time, when I realized that I am not going to be able to get the perfect shoes. I had to settle for a pair that just did not match well with the dress. The hair accessory I got from a big store in town was hardly any match to what I had dreamt of. Need I say more? 

Fortunately, the party went well, all went well. My daughter was happy, a bit too happy with all the attention and the gifts she received and all were happy. I was happy too. Because I knew what I had to do next. I knew what Pikaboo had to do next. 

Since then, at Pikaboo, we are making sure a mother does not have to SETTLE. We don't want you to fret. We don't want you to struggle. There will be many occasions when you will need our help: A family wedding, a family function, naming ceremonies, birthdays, parties, baptisms and many more. We will always be just an email, a phone call, a "contact us" form away. Tell us what you have and what you need. We will not only SELL you the best but also help you CHOOSE the best. We don't just sell products but we lend you support when you are busy, you are worried and you are fretting. And if you want something we don't have right now, give us some time. You can tell us what you need and we will try out best to arrange things for you within 30 days. 

So if that is you, do visit us! We look forward to talk to you :)

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