Birthdays and Cakes


Birthday Party Games Ideas 0

Here is a list of a few hand picked, well tested birthday party games that really work!
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Crafty Days 0

With a hectic work schedule and a toddler to manage, we all deserveĀ a breather...
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Infants' swimming Classes - Things you should know 2

'This can be your little one who has just learned to walk or is yet to learn to walk' - Is this what you dream of when you hear about infants' swimming classes? If yes, let me break the illusion. It is very far from the truth.


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Bake a Cake, Bake a Cake, Bakerman!! 1

We hand picked some of the best cake designs from around the world for you so that you can be at peace for your cake design hunt this time. So now that is two things taken care of by us, for you! The glamour and the flavors :)
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In love, In style 0

Since then, at Pikaboo, we are making sure a mother does not have to SETTLE. We don't want you to fret. We don't want you to struggle. There will be many occasions when you will need our help: A family wedding, a family function, naming ceremonies, birthdays, parties, baptisms and many more. We will always be just an email, a phone call, a "contact us" form away. Tell us what you have and what you need. We will not only SELL you the best but also help you CHOSE the best. We don't just sell products but we lend you support...
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